Grooming at Appy Dogs

All dogs are groomed on a 1-2-1 basis. The greatest care is taken throughout the grooming process. Our moto is quality not quantity. The welfare of the dogs in our care is at the forefront of our minds at all times. Each dog is treated as an individual, like people they are all different.

The atmosphere is a calm and relaxing environment. The dogs comfort and well being is our main priority. We do not use straps or restraints unless for the safety of the dog, 99% of our work is carried out without the use or need for any restraints (whilst maintaining safety). We feel it’s very much more about listening, watching and feeling the dogs body language. Allowing freedom of movement calms the dog. Once you understand each individual dog you build a trusting relationship and the dog allows you to work on it happily, and they enjoy the whole experience, we find this method gives a more comfortable and less stressful experience.

If your dog is happy then so are we!
Full Groom

Full Groom

Small £38

Full Groom Medium

Full Groom

Medium £45

Full Groom Large

Full Groom

Large £45

Claws Clipping

Nails Clipped


Bath and Blow-dry

Bath & Blowdry


Additional Services

Pick up & drop off service available

Weekend/ evening appointments.

Nails, anal glands (with vet approval), removing hair from ear lobe.

General health check.

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    We feel it’s our love of animals and the care we take that makes us special so here’s a little bit about us.
    I’ve been a dog lover all my life. Dogs are a massive part of my life and I feel privileged to be able to work with them every day.
    I have been a dog groomer for over six years. I thought long and hard about becoming a dog groomer and felt it was important to get the best possible training, so choose ‘Look North’ in Keighley; a five star City in Guilds training centre, where I qualified with distinction at Level 3.

    I take time and care, and build the trust of every dog, even to the extent of grooming dogs who have not been able to be groomed before for one reason or another. I’m extremely proud of my doggy friendships, especially when those who would have initially had to be carried in now run in wagging their tails.